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Doculabs, Inc. and PROJECT CONSULT International Ltd.- Co-operation
Chicago, London - Doculabs, Inc ( http://www.doculabs.com ) one of the leading independent US-based research and consulting firms with headquarters in Chicago and PROJECT CONSULT International Business Services Ltd. ( http://www.project-consult.com ), an international Business ad Consultancy Company,  with headquarters in London, have formed a strategic alliance in order to better serve national and international client base in the DRT (Document Related Technologies) market. For further information please contact: Doculabs, Inc. e-mail: info@doculabs.com and for Europe PROJECT CONSULT International Ltd. e-mail: PCI@project-consult.com . (MHH)
Die Studien von DocuLabs können direkt über die PROJECT CONSULT Website bestellt werden ( http://www.project-consult.com ). PROJECT CONSULT International Ltd. unterstützt europäische Unternehmen bei der Evaluierung ihrer Produkte durch Doculabs. (MHH)
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